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Sharing a story: when a desperate mother teams up with a Hadassah doctor to save her daughter

A single mother arrived to the refugee center with her 9 year old daughter

After bombing started, they had just a few hours to leave their home city of Dnipro (ex Dnipropetrovsk) in East-central Ukraine.

They left in such a hurry that they couldn't get the girl's medication that she needs for her condition cystic fibrosis, a complicated chronic condition*. They spent 5 days on the road without any treatment which is life threatening.

This desperate and courageous mother had to fight to save her daughter from bombing and from her disease. They had to avoid road block to get to the border.

After days of travelling, they arrived to the Przemysl Refugee Camp where the child was seen and treated by the Hadassah Medical Team. Despite being in severe condition, the Hadassah doctors and nurses succeeded to save the girls life.

* Cystic fibrosis is a progressive, life-shortening genetic disease which is a complicated, chronic condition that impacts multiple organs in the body. Multidisciplinary care is essential for optimal care of this complex disease.

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